5 Future Technologies and Their Impact on SEO
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5 Future Technologies and Their Impact on SEO

SEO practices are constantly changing, and with it, the traditional practices of link buying, use of meta tags, keywords stuffing etc., are some tactics that no longer work.

SEO means the implementing of measures to make your website rank higher on search engines. With the changing technologies, we can see the impact on search engine optimization practices because it promotes rich content and targets platforms where the customers are highly engaged.

The emerging technologies can prove positive and profitable for SEO if you adapt to them. JvaTec Private Limited SEO practices will help you regain your customers’ trust and ensure that your business website is safe from any sudden algorithm changes.

Below are some recent and upcoming changes about SEO that you need to know.

Here are some Latest Technology Trends That Will Impact Businesses in 2021

Mobile Search Spike
Mobile search will have a significant impact on SEO in 2021 and the coming years. User experience and SEO are connected. Studies show that over 60% of searches take place on a mobile device. And this brings the fear that mobile search might ultimately replace desktop search.

The increase in worldwide mobile searches made Google launch a mobile-first index, which is significantly better than a desktop index. Also, Google may come up with a fast mobile pages algorithm in upcoming years. If it gets implemented, AMP users will have to make the content more competitive with better visibility.

A lot of mobile websites have already got replaced with the latest mobile applications. These mobile apps serve a high Rate of Interest (ROI) and deliver high-quality content to the customers.

Video Content
People nowadays prefer watching a short video rather than reading long written content. Google pays attention to this and shows the pages with a video and supportive written content, often on the search results’ first page.

Using a video doesn’t guarantee your business to get on the first page, but it might help. You need to optimize your video content with the right keywords to reflect your video and website’s topic.

Artificial Intelligence
Because of the growing demands, there is a need for intelligent search elements that provide instant, relevant results to the user. Artificial intelligence will play a significant role in simplifying and enhancing the search element. It incorporates the new trends and technologies to derive the best search results.

RankBrain, Google’s AI product, helps process the search results and has been handling almost 15% of the search queries since its inception. Google’s AI release will augment AI functionalities and capabilities and incorporate them into the search algorithms.

The fundamental ideology of AI is to optimize human-intervened activities and have a human-aligned thought process. The impact of AIs on SEO could be trivial and require SEO professionals to be intelligent enough to deal with advanced search algorithms.

Voice Search Optimization
More and more people are using Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. The searches that people do with these devices are more conversational. Voice-Search is a speech recognition technology that has made it easier to search by speaking than typing.

Google is working really hard on the voice search algorithm. It architectures its search results pages to accommodate shorter answers, mainly in Featured Snippets and Answer Boxes. It is possible with AI & BERT algorithm, which got introduced in late 2019.

Since the pandemic’s advent, voice search has skyrocketed globally, with more people spending time at home. Users now depend on their smart home devices to provide quick answers to questions, and Google is working to provide the information.

Personal technology assistants like Echo, Alexa etc., are depending on the content to answer all the queries correctly while analysing keyword-based questions thoroughly. Content creation majorly focuses on syntax and natural speech.

Voice-based search is appealing, and the future of this technology is quite bright as keyword research is getting reduced.

Virtual Reality
VR is getting immensely popular while concerning SEO at the same time. It does not affect all business industries and has limited applications. Content making remains the same for VR, but visual content gets created and marketed. Thus, visual content creation can be fresh and creative. Website owners can prepare creative visual storytelling content to connect the users with their brand.

The video game industry is achieving brilliant success, considering visual content creation. One of the crucial aspects of VR is that it thrives on bringing real-time experiences to the users. Optimization of ads and content that a user can physically imagine has a tremendous competitive advantage.

Final Thoughts
The SEO methods might change with the upcoming technologies, but the basics will always remain the same. The rise of different trends will not affect negatively, but with a re-engineered effect on the current methods.

No matter how fast the technology changes, high-quality, relevant and informative content will always remain the best practice to survive.

JvaTec Private Ltd is your trusted technology partner to help you cope up with the trending SEO technologies. Whether the content has to undergo the Amp algorithm or made from VR tools, we provide all the support with technology for your business growth.

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