9 Latest Technology Trends of 2021 With an Impact on Career and Businesses
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9 Latest Technology Trends of 2021 With an Impact on Career and Businesses

Technology is constantly growing, and with it, computer scientists are tweaking and improving existing technologies to get the most out of them.

According to the IDC, the global annual spending on technologies and services is about to hit an all-time high. Every day recent versions of the existing technology are releasing. To keep up with the development pace, IT professionals must keep learning the latest technology concepts.

To survive in the post-digital world, we need updated technologies you must learn and incorporate into your business, to meet the requirements of constantly changing on-demand experiences.

Trending Technologies to Learn and Implement in 2021

Enhancing and learning new skills are vital in this technological era. It helps you to prepare to get the jobs of your choice. Implementing new technologies and tools will also take your business to new heights.

Here are some trending technologies that are sure to dominate the IT industry in 2021 and the upcoming years—Let’s dwell on them, one by one, and understand the impact on our day-to-day lives.

1. Artificial Intelligence
AI (Artificial intelligence) is the technology to equip computer systems to make human-like decisions. When AI programs get into systems, it aims is to mimic human intelligence for performing complex tasks like pattern & speech recognition, weather forecast and medical diagnosis.

A robust Artificial Intelligence implementation helps facilitate performance, scalability, and reliability while delivering the complete return on investments.

We expect AI automation to create many testing, support, maintenance, programming and data science jobs by 2030. It will help you secure positions such as:-

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer

2. Cyber-Security
With strict privacy and data protection laws, many organizations are undergoing massive digital transformations. Along with this, awareness of the presence of cyber attacks continues to grow even for small businesses. Consumers have become more aware of their vulnerability to data breach and cyber-attacks.

As a result, the companies have an effective cyber-security strategy as an absolute necessity.

3. Data Science
Companies produce data in an enormous amount every day in business data, server data, sales data, customer profile information and financial figures. Most of the data is in the form of massive unstructured sets. Data Science is the technology that simplifies complex data.

Data scientists’ role is to convert these unstructured data into structured datasets. These structured sets are then analyzed to identify the patterns and trends. The designs help understand business performance, customer retention, and the ways to improve these areas.

Data Science, therefore, holds a bright future with the scope in the below career roles:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Data Engineer

4. 5G Technology
5G Technology is revolutionary and the next generation of cellular networks & services. It is one of the most enigmatic upcoming technologies that could highly affect businesses in 2021. The most striking feature will be the speed of 5G.

It is expected to run at a 20 GB/s downlinks and 10GBPS uplink speed, which will be at least 40 times faster than the current 4G LTE. It will be opening doors for network services and customer experience for telecom operators.

5. Blockchain
Blockchain is the foundational technology for electronic currencies such as Cryptocurrencies. It is an electronic ledger shared among various users and creates a record of transactions that you cannot alter.

Each record is timed & linked to the previous one. When a new transaction adds to the ledger, it gets stored as another block in the transactions chain. Blockchain is updated only after the different parties contributing to the ledger agree. Once new data gets into a block, we cannot erase it. It makes the technology verifiable and secure.

This validation of transactions helps businesses to reduce their costs as no third party is involved. The system is secure without the need of paying for centralized entities, as the technology is decentralized. Blockchain makes it simpler to track transactions.

There is a surge in careers in Blockchain, which will create job positions like:

  • Blockchain Developers
  • Blockchain Legal Consultant or Attorney
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer
  • Blockchain Enginee

6. Human Augmentation
Humans continually experiment with technology to enhance life. This curiosity has taken the form of– Human Augmentation, which takes the help of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Human augmentation helps strengthen a person’s physical and cognitive ability. Once implanted in a person, it will enable him to execute tasks that were earlier impossible to perform. The augmentation of humans will enhance a person’s physical endurance and improve his ability to think and decide better. It holds great potential in the future of technology.

Currently, the studies are racing towards helping people with disabilities through bionics and prosthetic augmentation. It focuses on curing sickness by experimenting with genes. However, the promise is to end the existing disabilities or prevent injuries from happening at all. Then the human augmentation in soldiers is a highly anticipated topic.

7. Internet of Things
Internet of Things or the IoT is a network of connected devices that connects. They can interact and share data. We can combine these devices via WiFi and have a computer chip that facilitates the data exchange. Reports predict 41 billion devices powered by IoT to be used by 2025. IoT enables not only the connection between devices but also their remote access.

For example, you can lock the car doors remotely, preheat ovens and geysers. The Fitbit that tracks the number of burned calories also runs on IoT technology. Businesses can assess the performance of machines with embedded IoT chips and assist in their maintenance.

Upskilling this technology will help find career options as:

  • IoT Software Developer
  • IoT Product Manager
  • System Design Engineer
  • IoT Solution Architect
  • IoT Research Developer

8. Edge Computing
It is the latest technology trend that brings computing power close to the data source. Edge computing brings data storage & computation closer to businesses. Hence, it reduces latency and saves bandwidth.

The primary concern of industries nowadays is the leggy approach which sometimes affects the overall operations management. Therefore, enterprises are focusing more on the efficiency and the response rate of data analysis computing. It is where edge computing comes into role.

The technology aims to run fewer cloud processes and shift those processes to the user’s system location or an edge server. Bridging the data and the computation gap helps reduce the communication distance between the server and the client, enhancing its speed. The technology will help make cloud computing and IoT devices faster.

We estimate that by 2022, edge computing technology will get popularized in healthcare, retail, and manufacturing areas, thus opening doors to many job opportunities.

9. Robotic Process Automation
RPA or Robotic Process Automation technology helps to automate daily tasks, similar to artificial intelligence. The software helps automate repetitive tasks such as handling and replying to emails, processing transactions and managing business data.

According to McKinsey, over 60% of repetitive tasks can be automated using RPA. It implies that this technology is going to threaten a lot of jobs. On the other hand, it will also create many job opportunities in the automation sector.

Several Companies use RPA tools to automate daily operations. So, the demand for RPA skilled professionals is vast in the job roles like:

  • RPA Developer
  • RPA Consultant
  • RPA Business Analyst
  • RPA Solution Architect
  • RPA Project Manager
Conclusion: Up-scaling Humans in the next Digital Technology

Technology trends in 2021 come with unfathomable innovation and intricate connectivity, drawing businesses’ social responsibility to respect consumer data breach ethics.

It requires businesses to form a cyber-secure ecosystem and review their take on data analytics. In this fiercely competitive technological industry, getting a new job and surviving an existing one is becoming challenging. It requires you to keep learning new tools and up-skilling.

The present staff need to be trained in a post-digital manner as per the latest trends and followed a process to integrate new technology. A technologically advanced world will emerge with conclusive use cases of all the technologies mentioned above.

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