Agile Vs Prince2: Poll of the Day
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Agile Vs Prince2: Poll of the Day

Agile, it is the most recent and yet popular methodology nowadays. Its demand is rising frequently due to its adaptability and flexibility throughout the process. The Agile methodology possesses various portrayals in it like Scrum Master, Team Participants, Product Owner, and Stakeholders, that are being engaged more and more in the business domain.

PRINCE 2 is the project management methodology that is one’s prime feature in job specifications. It is one of the most preferred methodologies in nations like Europe and the UK and for this methodology, complete training in PRINCE 2 required for any project.

So, in this blog, we’ll be comparing the methodologies, their advantages, and differences.


The agile methodology of managing project in businesses is rising day by day and this is actually because of its capabilities like flexibility and involvement of customers in the project for their opinion. Portrayals like Scrum in agile methodologies are the most popular ones, and various companies on large-scale use to engage this methodology in their project.

This methodology of project management is suitable for any project, eventually for the extremely complex projects. The Agile Methodology gives us the freedom to divide the whole project into small modules so that they can easily be managed.

Agile refers to a group product improvement procedure to fabricate programming incrementally utilising short iterations of a month so, the advancement procedure is lined up with the changing business needs. Agile has various role players involved in it and they are, the Scrum, the Team Participants, the Product Owner, and the Stakeholders.

The Scrum deeds as the mentor responsible for aiding and controlling the working unit, accessing resources when required, and excluding barriers that stop the team from performing their tasks. He/ She focuses upon the execution part rather than focusing on the management area of the project. This Agile methodology works closely with the client and also allows their involvement in the project. Agile foresees changes and work on them accordingly as advised by the clients without huge modification to the budget or schedule of the project.

Agile using companies welcome constant feedback from their clients and fed them into the system for future use. The main aim is to build the product according to the client’s vision and incorporating changes within the product during the same module of the project, rather than at the end of the development phase.


PRINCE 2 is one of the management methodologies that follow linear outlook that means covering the steps one by one. This management methodology works according to the guidelines given for the execution of the project. PRINCE 2 in management actually highlights the importance of the procedure. It is wholly about the approaches like initialising the project, continuing it with the provided managing instructions, and finally handing it over to the normal business.

PRINCE 2 is indeed for the bigger goal projects as it is a planning-based management approach. The responsibilities and the roles of the portrayals are described to them in a crystal manner, and they are freed to work towards the goal as they wish to. PRINCE 2 mainly focuses on the quality of the product being developed as all the essential instructions regarding the process are structured and defined earlier. PRINCE 2 can be altered so that it can fit into any project without exceeding the cost and time limit because this management methodology is designed extensively.

PRINCE 2 is highly rigid unlike Agile, so it is not suitable for the smaller project where frequent changes in the requirement of the project occur. Here, pivoting is difficult as the documents for the projects are to be created and maintained throughout the procedure.

Agile is better than PRINCE 2 in terms of adaptability, decision making and flexibility. The decision making in PRINCE 2 is much longer as compared to Agile. The projects under Agile methodologies are extremely responsive to pivots in the plan and can efficiently bear the modification in the project requirements.

At JVA TEC, we use Agile methodology to provide a better-quality product to our clients.

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