An inner Guide to verify- whether you have an attractive website or not
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An inner Guide to verify- whether you have an attractive website or not

Have You Heard? Good DESIGN Is Your Best Bet to an Attractive Website.

Whenever we aim to start our business online, the first thing that we think about is of a Website. A website is the only medium through which various users can come & visit us. From traditional times, websites have been a genuine way to showcase our efforts & accomplishments. It also allows us to serve people from different areas or states or countries & finally build a seal of trust for them. If we want to draw a large number of audiences, we are required to develop a website that is attractive in looks & simple to handle.

Designing Elements:

12 Designing elements that every website should aim for.

Age Target:

We all know that what age audiences we want on our site to visit us. So, we should build websites that target our desired audiences.

As we all target for the average age audiences to connect with us so, we have to pick the font styles that are easy to read by them and not using fancy fonts.

Solid layout:

The layout choice should be appropriate as the users will visit the website to read the information or content. So, before finalizing your website layout or template keep few things in mind, like:

The content width

The Header design or style

The Menu bar design or style

Excellent Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is itself known for making a website rank top on the search engine result lists. The websites that ranks top in the search engine acquires a large number of clicks & impressions from the users.

Since we as a country are rising day by day, we are stepping towards a digital world where we can connect effectively. In this digital world, various modifications have been encountered but the significance of SEO yet the same. There is no effect on the SEO strategy of optimizing & promoting a website in the market.

So, to gain a great response from both the users & the search engines, we should follow the SEO techniques to make our website rank good & collect a large number of impressions.

Proper navigation:

The landing page needs to concentrate on- what actually the user desires. Landing Page- as the name suggests, the user after entering the website’s URL lands on your homepage/ landing page.

The page should be simple, clean & easy to use. You need to focus on the landing page as this is not just about you & your organization. This website also represents your services & the way in which you communicated with your customers.

There should not be any untidy visuals that can ruin the standard of your website.


The footer should contain the information about your company- “About Us” & “Contact Us” and should be present on every page of the website.

These little details make it easier for the user to surf different pages linked to your website & to contact you anytime without facing troubles.


LOGO- a symbol of your company should be present on every page of your navigation bar. The position for placing the LOGO of the company is preferably top left on the navigation bar. On clicking this logo, the user should be redirected to the homepage of your website.


Responsiveness means that the website should adjust itself according to the screen size. In this mobile age, you cannot imagine yourself without using smartphones. Whenever we have to search or order something then, we use our mobile phones, not the desktop. Suppose you click on a link & come across some unorganized garbage on the site then it is clear that you’ll not revisit that site.

So, we should never forget the mobile users in this hi-tech world as there is a large percentage of people who are surfing the internet on their smartphones.


One of the crucial elements to measure the performance of any website is its Speed. If the loading or response time of your website is good, i.e., less, then pat yourself as you are under the on the right track.

Large & fine pixel images:

When we use large graphics with good pixel quality then, we experience tremendous traffic on the website. But at the same time, the load on the website is increased due to which the loading time increases.

Large buttons:

For any customer service providing company, a big & a clear call of action is a way of asking for their presence on the website. A call of action is a group of words that ask for an instant action from the user. Words like Call Now, Register Here, Place Your Order Today are a few examples of some good call of actions that one can attach on their websites.

Simple & easy to surf:

Simple & Easy to surf means that the contents & navigation on the page should be simple. No fancy or hard words should be written on the website. One should try to ignore spelling as well as grammatical mistakes to appear on their website pages.

Color contrasts:

By the time of deciding the color theme for your website, you should always try to have color palette complimenting to the color of the company’s logo. You can also add a few more shades that give that bold look to your website.

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