How To Choose A SEO-Friendly Domain Name?
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How To Choose A SEO-Friendly Domain Name?

Businesses develop their website to attract more customers and make people aware of their products and services. But as the competitors of the online world have been increasing day by day, you need best SEO practices to get ranked at the top of SERPs. Many factors can affect your online presence if you want to be on the top.

⦁ An SEO-friendly domain name,
⦁ Search Engine Optimized Website
⦁ And a right Digital marketing company

A domain name is the identity of your website and reflects how you want to portray your business. Choosing the perfect one can be a little difficult, but you can do it with some research. All you need is a short, memorable and consistent website name. Here this blog is all about how you choose a perfect domain name for your website. So keep reading to know these tips!

Why is A Domain Name So Important?

When you choose an SEO-friendly domain name it comes with lots of benefits for your business, let’s see how:

⦁ Defines Your Brand:

A domain name is a unique identity of your business. It defines your brand and creates an image of your online presence without requiring any words at all. It’s the most important factor to rank at the top of search results.

⦁ Adds Credibility:

Your business will get credit if the customers can identify your company easily. This is a must when you want people to trust your products and services. So make sure you choose a domain name that will help you stick in their mind.

⦁ Inspires Trust:

Choosing the right domain name should translate into trust for your customers. The SEO-friendly domain name should be short and memorable so your customers will remember it easily. You can consult an expert about the best domain name for your business for this purpose.

⦁ Increase Click-Through-Rate:

Having a good domain name will boost the click-through rate. This shows that your customers are more interested in your business than what your competitor is doing.

So, choosing the perfect domain name can help you gain more visitors and make them aware of your business. Now, that you know why you should choose an SEO-friendly domain name it’s time to have a look at how to choose one for your website.

5 Tips To Choose SEO-Friendly Domain Name

1. Make Use of Top-Level Domains Extension:

Choosing a Top-Level Domains Extension is very important for your business website. Before you purchase a domain you should know which extension is the best for your business. Thousands of domain extensions can be confusing for you to buy. Here are some top-level domains which can be used for different kinds of websites.

⦁ .com-domain for commercial websites,
⦁ .net-domain for networks,
⦁ .org-domain for non-profit organizations,
⦁ .edu-domain for schools, colleges, universities, etc

You should choose the perfect domain name to suit your business needs. Not only these four but if you want your website in a particular region then you can also choose a domain like .uk, .in, ir, and many more.

2. Domain Name Must Be Short:

A good domain name is indeed easy to remember, but do not compromise on the length of your domain. A too-long domain name will be hard to remember. Your website visitors or search engines will not able to understand the purpose of your website.

Just like our website- you can also go with these short, unique, and easy-to-remember domain names. So keep your domain below 12 characters and make sure you showcase your business through your domain name.

3. No Hyphens And Numbers:

Some people make the mistake of putting hyphens and numbers in their domain. But if you are choosing an SEO-Friendly domain name it is very important to choose a domain name with no hyphens and numbers.

The reason is that the search engines do not take hyphens and numbers in a domain name as important. Sometimes it can be difficult for your users to remember what the number is or where to put the hyphen while searching. So it is recommended that you should completely avoid these signs and numbers in your website domain.

4. Add A Keyword Is Possible:

If you are unable to choose the perfect domain name for your business then you can go with keyword-rich domain names. You can add a keyword or your business name in the middle or end of your domain. This is also a great way to promote your business.

For example, we have our website which is Jva Tec Private Limited and we have chosen the first two words of our company’s name So you can also practice the same as we have done and undoubtedly you can see our name as well as a broad keyword related to our service.

5. Easy To Remember Domain Name:

All this is you are doing for your users and to increase your brand awareness, its users don’t find it easy to remember your domain online. Most websites are using single-word domain names and some are using abbreviated versions of their company names.

This can be confusing for users when they try to find your company on a search engine or social media. You should choose a domain name with a proper keyword that is easy to remember as well as spell correctly. This will increase your website traffic and help you get more customers.

In A Nutshell!

A domain name is a necessary part of your website without it you can’t even have an online presence. It is not only important but also very essential to increase your business through online presence.

If you have just planned to buy a domain name for your business then you should choose the best one and make sure it is SEO-friendly. With the help of these tips, you can easily choose a perfect domain name for your business.

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