ANDROID 9- PIE on it’s way
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ANDROID 9- PIE on it’s way

Android Pie (Android 9) or the 9th Version of Android has arrived. After all such delicious names of Android versions such as Oreo, now it’s time to grab some Pie for yourself. Android Pie is Google’s most resourceful android version that claims to be the more stable version of Android. Google has always tried to make the experience of using android gets easier and easier and hurrah! They did it. Google has developed a version that learns from its user and acts according to the user’s usage pattern. Android 9 has machine learning at its core that allows it to adapt the pattern of the usage of the phone.

Android Pie is far more stable and upholds various features than other versions. From memorizing the patterns of the user to manage the battery power for the apps you utilize the most, to evoke you about the future targets so that you can perform the required action, Android 9 shape-up itself according to you and your way of using your phone. Here are few features on which Android 9 has proved itself to be a better ever since version.

Digital Wellbeing:

The main aim of Google’s Android Pie is to sort out things in our life not to distract us.

The Digital Wellbeing feature of Android Pie or Android 9 introduces you to various tools that give you detailed information about how you use your phone. It also allows you to make any changes or adjustments you want to make in your usage of the apps in your phone.

Adaptive Battery:

Since the version is purely based on machine learning, so the Android 9 predicts about the apps that you’ll be visiting in the next few hours and according to that it saves the battery power for the apps you’ll be using.

Adaptive Brightness:

With the feature of Adaptive Brightness, you don’t need to worry about managing your phone’s brightness settings all the time. Here, the phone learns how you like to keep the brightness in a different environment of the applications and thus, it adjusts it for you.

Spontaneous Navigation:

This feature of Android Pie allows you to navigate easily between the apps by using gestures without using the old navigation bar or buttons.


It brings relevant part of the apps on the surface of the home screen whenever you need them the most. For example, if you search for any cabs or taxis, then you’ll get a small section below the Google Search Bar that will display you the driver’s name, price and how far he is from you.

App limiters:

The most helpful feature of the Android Pie is App Limiter. This feature allows the user to set a fixed timing for the different apps so that you stay connected with your work and you’ll never lose to reach your goals. For example, if you get bored while working, and you want to surf your Facebook account. Then, set a time limit for the Facebook app and the limit for the app you want to use next. After the time is completed, the Facebook app will be automatically closed.

Message Notification:

Now managing the notifications of the apps have become natural. By using this feature, you can smoothly prioritize the notification settings for the apps. You can turn off the notification button for a list of apps. Now, you will only get notified for the apps for which you want to get updated.

Dashboard Reports:

Dashboard Report is useful to check and monitor where you are spending much of your time and where you should limit the usage of the apps. It is just like a bar graph that reminds you about your activities.

Display Cut-outs:

Display cut-out means that the Android 9 supports the feature of displaying the apps on the remaining screen space of the home screen. Only the apps that support display cut-outs can be visualized on the spare area of the home screen.

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