UI/UX Designing – The Two Most Important Tasks In Web Or App Designing
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UI/UX Designing – The Two Most Important Tasks In Web Or App Designing

The term UI design stands for User Interface Design, and UX design stands for User Experience design. UI/UX is such confusing words in web or app design as they represent the same task. Both are used together as a single term, but both are different phases in the process of web or app design. One refers to the development of the elements of the user interface, and the other refers to the experienced user have after using that UI. Both are complementary to each other. UI/UX together refers to the process of designing an application or web that gives a great user experience.

The term UI or user interface designing is related to the process of designing the graphical user interface of an application. User interface generally refers to the way in which the user interacts with a machine or product. The user interface in the field of web or app design refers to the text, buttons they click, pictures or graphics, fields that they use to enter any information, and everything the user uses to interact. It includes animation and transitions with the styles and appearance of user interface elements.

The term UX or user experience design is the process of designing a system or product that provides a great user experience. It includes the entire process of designing as well as obtaining, usability, marketing, and functioning of the product or app. The UX or user experience is significant for making improvements. This can be achieved by identifying whether the user’s experience after using the app or web is positive or negative, whether the user gets success in accomplishing his/her tasks or the user finds any trouble.

Whom will you contact for this service?

The answer to this question is a UI or UX designer.

A UI designer is a person who has to decide everything related to the appearance or look of the app like from the size of a line to every text or image the user will see on the app. The designer of the user interface is a graphics designer. It is the complete responsibility of a graphics designer to make each element of the application fully interactive and visually attractive according to the objective of the app.

A UX designer does the job of developing a great user experience. The UX designer works along with the UI designer, but their work is different. Where the user interface designer is bound to the look of the application, the UX designer has to decide how the user will operate that user interface. UX designer determines how the user interface will work, interfaces elements arrangements that will help to give the user a wonderful experience.

Types of services offered by UI/UX design –

  1. Mobile application designing
  2. Product designing
  3. Custom web designing
  4. Graphics designing
  5. Corporate branding
  6. Wireframing
  7. Wearable app designing

Why is UI/UX designing beneficial for you?

There are several reasons why an exemplary user interface and a good user experience are crucial. Some are discussed here.

  1. Cost-effective and time-saving

Choosing a good UI/UX design helps you deduct the cost of an app as the UX designing focuses on each phase of interface like research, testing, and evaluation. The UI/UX designer thoroughly studies the requirements of a business or client before going to work on the actual production of the product; thus, it saves time and money.

  1. Help in achieving user loyalty

If the user gets a good experience of using your app, then you will be able to get their attention. When your product or app is so pleasing and robust enough to fulfill the client’s requirements, nobody can stop you from building trust with the users and converting them from users to buyers.

  1. Increase brand rankings –

Today increasing SEO rankings is a very tough task. But companies or organizations that have a brilliant UI/UX design get higher rankings of their brand. Furthermore, because Google also needs a good UX design to answer the queries of their customers, a good UX design helps in achieving this goal which in turn increases brand rankings.

  1. Help in reducing extra expenses

Almost half the income of a business is spent on solving unnecessary errors; the user loses his interest because of these unwanted errors. If the user interface or user experience designing is done efficiently and fruitfully, then the user will enjoy the application.

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