About Search Engine Optimization
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About Search Engine Optimization

The Art of Attracting the Traffic

SEO – one of the best and organic sources of diverting traffic to your website. SEO primarily stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) and is the tactics through which one can increase the visibility of his website by using natural measures. Using SEO techniques, we can make our website rank on top in the search engine’s result list. To accomplish an optimized website, we need to delineate and design various targets and approaches.

While utilizing these SEO tactics, the website undergoes the phase of reconstruction where the expert or the optimizer observe whether all keywords used are interacting effectively with the engines or not. This reconstruction phase includes editing and formatting of different contexts present in the website like HTML codes, images relevance and the usage of alt tag, to enhance their relevance to the specific keywords and proper indexing in the search engines. Here, all the editing and indexing of the contexts are done using the patterns that the search engine follows.

Now, the question arises that what does indexing mean?

Indexing is the process in which an index for all the fetched web pages are created and stored in a giant database for further usage. In simple words, indexing is the method of accrediting the page to a particular keyword by identifying the words and expressions that best portray that page.

Search Engine Optimization is of two types. The first type is known as ON-PAGE SEO Optimization, and the other is known as OFF-PAGE SEO Optimization.

ON-PAGE SEO Optimization:

On-Page SEO Optimization is the key and the best approach to optimize a website. It is natural and organic tactics that a webmaster needs to focus on. Here, the webmaster deals with the changes that have to be done on the web pages so that the visibility and the rank of the website get improved. The purpose behind the usage of the On-Page Optimization on a website is to increase the traffic on the website by meeting the user’s satisfaction level.

The main elements of On-Page SEO are sitemaps, title tags, URL structure, hyperlinks, images, alt tags, meta descriptions, etc.

OFF-PAGE SEO Optimization:

The methodology of constructing backlinks for the website is known as Off-Page SEO Optimization. The word backlink means to link back the website from another website. Backlinks are crucial in SEO because of two reasons:

  • A huge number of relevant backlinks provides credit to the website.
  • The popularity of the website increases with the increase in the number of backlinks created.



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