Why Laravel is Best PHP Framework to Use in 2021 – Update on Laravel 8
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Why Laravel is Best PHP Framework to Use in 2021 – Update on Laravel 8

Initially, most websites often fail as they do not include the clean codes behind the layouts. More codes give rise to more bugs, and the hackers get a chance to steal the information. Hence choosing the right framework for web development is one of the most challenging aspects of the early stages.

What is the Laravel Framework?

It is an open-source PHP framework with in-built features that make web development faster and easier. Laravel helps in creating applications with features like user accounts, export, management, etc.

The high-level concepts of Laravel web development patterns make this framework easy-to-use and maintain. Mobile & web development companies highly recommend this framework, even after technology advancements.

Why is Laravel the best PHP framework?

Laravel works with the help of MVC (Model View Controller) and has in-built functionalities that provide a hassle-free coding experience with website and web development.

Here are five reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework in 2021


  • Authorization Technique

It ensures that data in several databases is secure with integrity protection. Laravel provides a unique configuration, ensuring no non-authorized action to take place.

While setting up the authentication, the framework creates components like a login controller, user model, and a register. Its authentication feature only permits those with the approved access. The ease & convenience of Laravel authorization features makes it a prominent framework.

  • MVC Support

Laravel comes with MVC (model-view-controller) architectural design. MVC provides ease in developing organisations’ applications, creates better documentation, offers built-in functions, and boosts performance.

This architecture allows developers to split the code into parts, such as business logic, user interface, and the controller. All three components have their specific roles managed individually by multiple developers while working on the website. It not only helps in building a scalable design but also gives relief in terms of the budget.

  • Security with Predefined SQL to avoid Injection Attacks

Web security is among the most significant threats that every web developer faces. While developing the web, every developer has to use effective ways to make it safe. Laravel framework ensures web security integration into your design. It doesn’t save the passwords and uses the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm”, decreasing the chances of being compromised.

Laravel makes your application secured with its SQL statements that prevent unethical attacks on the database. Laravel provides security features like data encryption, password resetting, user authentication, manual login, and driver authentication.

Laravel framework offers an extreme protection level as its database prefers salting & hashing passwords to keep the website free from injection attacks.

  • Bug Fixing with Automation Testing

Manual repeating tests involves time and require big money for website maintenance. The concept of automation testing by PHP framework Laravel can solve the bugs of short-term & long-term projects. Laravel website developers may use the necessary unit tests for eliminating the errors from the separate units of source codes.

  • Blade Template Engine

It is an intuitive engine that works with both HTML & PHP. Blade Engine comes pre-installed with the Laravel framework and provides the ability to develop exceptional designs quickly. It is lightweight and does not require an excessive platform.

Blade engine displays the data layout enhancements and offers the user a structure to create files with integrated conditional statements. The integration allows us to develop innovative layouts and divide the templates into several sections, enabling other files to receive them.

The inherent blade template engine helps acquire top-notch website designs, enabling the Laravel consultants to deliver the applications timely.

A Small Introduction to New Laravel 8

The new version of Laravel, which got out in September 2020, is Laravel 8. The latest framework is for those who require fully-customized websites. The Tech giants offer the TrueHosts middleware in Laravel 8 to simplify customization and improve the web configuration.

The latest Laravel has features such as foundation function, rebinding method, and many more, making it the best PHP framework. It provides unique, classic architecture, where developers can easily design structures for their applications.


Built-in ORM implementation, MVC pattern support, command-line interfaces, object-oriented libraries, clean syntax, artisan console, route protection & database migration are some prominent features making Laravel an excellent framework for online websites.So if you are planning to create a tailor-made Laravel web application, it is vital to hire the best programmer from JvaTec Private Ltd. The mobile & web application development company provides the best in class PHP development services with responsive and engaging solutions to transform any business idea into reality.

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