Why Your Business Need A Responsive Website?
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Why Your Business Need A Responsive Website?

When you’re making a new website for your business, you first have to decide which platform to use. Generally speaking, most websites are responsive these days, meaning that they adapt to mobile devices and are viewable on any screen size.

But why? Why should your website be responsive? And what are the advantages of using a platform which can be made responsive from the get-go? First, responsive websites give you a better experience for your visitors. You’ll get more users who view your website for longer and are more likely to engage with your business in some form or another.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 of the main advantages:

1. Responsive Website Provides a Friendly User Interface:

If there is one way to describe the responsive design, it’s a user-friendly website. The main aim of your website should be to provide an enjoyable, user-friendly experience to the visitors. This can be achieved by making the layout friendlier and having a clean visual hierarchy. Responsive websites are designed with this in mind, making them easier to navigate and use than non-responsive counterparts.

2. Good SEO Ranking:

Search Engine Optimization is important for everyone who wants their website to attract viewers and establish a loyal following. A basic element of SEO is ensuring that your website works well across all devices, from desktops to phones. If your website isn’t built for versatility, it won’t work well on all screen sizes. So, responsive design ensures that many users can find it through search engines and engage with it enjoyably.

3. Build a More Loyal Fanbase:

A responsive website helps build a loyal fan base of followers. These are people who will come back to your website often and explore new content and products that you’ve got available to them. The users will feel like they’re getting the best possible experience from your site, which is very important for establishing loyalty.

4. Better Social Media Marketing:

Having a responsive site is beneficial to your social media marketing efforts. This is because if you’re using a website that isn’t responsive, then users have to scroll through the entire page to see the content. This makes it hard for them to interact with your page and respond, which not only hurts your SEO efforts but can undermine the whole experience of seeing your website. As you’ll discover in our next article, response friendly websites are better platforms for social media marketing.

5. Easy Updates:

The optimum platform for building a website is WordPress, which is always incredibly easy to use and easy to update as you go along. Having a responsive site built on WordPress or a similar platform is much more fun for web designers because it means that they can do their work simultaneously as improving your website. Rather than waiting to have another go at it, you can make updates easily and quickly later on.

6. Proves to be Money-Saving:

Based on our experience working with people’s websites, we know that having a responsive website means you won’t have to invest in new equipment or software. If you have to spend money on separate tools just so people can access a responsive design – then that’s money you’re throwing away. So, why not use technology that is already integrated into your site and make things easier for yourself?

7. Enhance Conversions:

The best kinds of websites are designed to get you the most amount of traffic and sales possible. If your site isn’t easy to use, then people won’t come back to it often. And if they don’t come back frequently, they won’t be reading your content or interacting with your business, which means they’re less likely to convert into a customer. A responsive website enhances these conversions by allowing users to engage more and understand the site better.

8. Easy Marketing:

If you’re using a non-responsive platform for building a website, then you’ll most likely have problems when it comes to promoting it on social media sites or getting other people involved in your marketing efforts. This is because people need to scroll through the whole experience of your site to read your content and engage with it. This makes it difficult for them to find the best way of helping you promote your website, often resulting in neglecting marketing efforts.

9. Better Security:

Having an easy-to-use and -updated responsive platform built into your website means that it’ll be more secure than a non-responsive site. Technology is increasingly more sophisticated and complex these days, making it increasingly hard for visitors to navigate around your site without the help of someone. This can make them vulnerable to certain attacks on their computers or devices, which you want to avoid. By having a responsive platform built into your business’s website, you’re ensuring that this doesn’t happen.

10. Easy Maintenance:

It’s easier for a web designer to code a responsive website than it is for them to design two sites with non-responsive features built into them. This is because if they’ve taken the time to code a responsive website and use WordPress, they can take less time to maintain it. This means that they’ll have to spend less time updating and maintaining the site, which gives them more time to focus on other aspects of their business.

11. Make sure that your data isn’t Removed:

Because responsive design is much more user-friendly than non-responsive websites, it’s easier for users to interact with the content on your site. This means that they’ll be able to use it as an effective tool for marketing, so you must make sure it’s safe from data removal before you begin promoting your new site. We’ve got a whole article about how to do this, which is worth reading if you’re just beginning with responsive design and are concerned about maintaining your database integrity.

The above listed are some responsive design’s benefits. It’s clear to see that having a responsive site is beneficial for your business in many different ways. It will help build loyalty and show off how much you care about the needs of your visitors.

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