Best Ideas for Mobile App Marketing in 2021
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Best Ideas for Mobile App Marketing in 2021

Mobile app marketing has become an essential part of the digital marketing sphere—for app developers and businesses. It is the process to promote and create awareness among the users about the application.

As the industries are advancing, people are searching for a useful user end application to work. It is where the need for mobile app marketing kicks in. Mostly apps get peak downloads through the first few weeks of the launch. But those are short-lived days unless you plan for the long term. Therefore, we share five refreshing new mobile app marketing ideas that marketers can adopt to promote mobile apps to their audience bases and beyond.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Building a mobile application requires hard work and dedication—but if users cannot find your app, the purpose of creating it goes in vain. To gain maximum exposure, you need to optimize your brand and app for app stores. ASO works with android and the iPhone app store. It helps prioritize your app based on the title, rating, tags, and download data.

While searching for apps, users don’t head to the search engines—instead, they are more likely to look in app stores where it is a click away from downloading the app of their choice. It means the app creators should utilize the right keywords, including branded keywords, to find the app quickly. You may include keywords in titles and body copy. Make your app more enticing by adding screenshots and videos of its features.

You must create a compelling store page with an attractive title and description to make it simple but appealing. Come up with a catchy, pleasing icon. While search engine optimization is an essential aspect of ASO, user reviews also boost app rankings, making it convenient for users to find them. It can be an efficient mobile app marketing idea.

Set up Collaborations

Collaborating with social media influencers, vloggers, bloggers, and reaching out to media outlets can be a great marketing tactic to market your mobile app. However, you need to choose the right people to reach out—potential partners should have an existing influential relationship within your industry. It will make the reviews or content that they produce more relevant to potential buyers—resulting in more quality downloads and loyal customers.

Email Marketing

Emails may not be the preferred choice of communication for most people, but email marketing still works—it consistently delivers an ROI on investment. Hence, emailers and newsletters should be an essential part of your marketing campaign to promote your app. There are several ways for mobile app marketing to use emails, including a download link or call-to-action in company signatures.

Using an attractive visual in the emails increases the receiver’s chances to click through from your signature to download the app. Engaging emails tempt the users to click on them—add banners, GIFs, or a timeline infographic explaining how to navigate your app.

You can also include prompts to download the app on confirmation emails—users mostly check these emails, making them an excellent resource for encouraging downloads. Email marketing is an excellent resource for growth marketing—but try not to send your customers too many emails to overwhelm them. Getting in touch with an email marketing agency is a good option for this.

Social Advertising

Social media is not only for posting and reaching audiences—these platforms also offer great advertising opportunities. Facebook, Instagram and similar platforms aren’t heavy on the pocket and help bring in plenty of views, clicks, and followers. Twitter and LinkedIn are little expensive—targeting a specialized audience—and the returns are high despite the cost of investment.

Attention spans have become nowadays—visuals are easy to absorb and remember. Social media ad or sponsored post can draw the audience to your app, but at the same time, try to make it easy for them.

Push Notifications

A user downloading your mobile app shouldn’t be the end goal of the marketing campaign—if they delete the app shortly after downloading, you haven’t earned a customer. To improve engagement with the potential customers—and the retention rate for your mobile app—utilize push notifications as a mobile marketing strategy.

Send notifications when you launch new app features for discounts, important updates, and reminders. But don’t go overboard with the messages—too many can end up annoying the client base, who may turn off the notifications or even delete the app. Give the users something to do with your app often to improve retention rates—this will also enhance the app rankings in the app stores.


Mobile app marketing can often be challenging, but these five ideas can help app marketers reach their customer base and improve downloads over time. The critical thing to remember is that users don’t want to be bombarded with information though they need enough details to power their actions. There are more million apps on the app stores, and so, it becomes difficult to convince the user to choose your app. It is possible with an effective strategy for mobile app marketing ideas & techniques.

Once the app is live, and the app marketing is underway, it doesn’t mean the marketing efforts are over. You need to check on your KPI, or key performance indicators, even after the launch. Address any bugs if found, and make sure to remain committed to the app. A useful app can gain more of a foothold if the mobile app developers engage with the users and build up a relationship.

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