Everything you need for your safety – in one product
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Everything you need for your safety – in one product

Kaspersky offers antivirus with proper protection. Kaspersky is a cyber-security company that was founded in 1997 and is placed in Moscow, Russia. Kaspersky’s total security offers a complete security package for your system; and can also be used on any OS, Windows, MAC, and Android device. In addition, Kaspersky’s total security provides a user with limited VPN, firewall protection, ant spam, parental control, backup, and tune-up.


  • Users can get a free Kaspersky password manager premium (worth TRY 57.99).
  • Users can avail of free Kaspersky safe kids’ premium (worth TRY 74.99).
  • It also offers free VPN (up to 300MB daily traffic).

Features of Kaspersky total security

Watcher feature

Kaspersky’s total security watcher feature provides behavior-based detection. It tracks all kinds of malware behaviors, proving that it is effective at Ransomware Protection. In addition, it increases other protective layers with detection based on behavior.

Sturdy firewall

The sturdy firewall blocks all the port scans and web-based attacks on the users’ system. In addition, Kaspersky controls the system and manages the access of applications to network and system resources without troubling the user by assigning each application a trust level.

Attacks protection

Kaspersky’s total security protects against attacks that destroy the user’s system security holes. In Kaspersky, the jobs of firewall are controlled by Web Anti-Virus. As a result, it detects 84% of destroying attacks.

Spyware protection

Kaspersky also provides spyware protection. It detects the system for the missing security patches and automatically applies for found updates. It also has a Webcam control system for protecting the system against spyware and a Do Not Track Feature that keeps the system safe from spoofing the surfing habits by advertisers and others.

Money safe

It also has a safe money option that helps keep your money safe while transactions and its straightforward spam filter blocks the spam in users’ POP3 and IMAP email accounts.

Internet security

Kaspersky’s total security also includes internet security. The user can use it for MAC and Android. In addition, it protects against malware and a demand scan and absolute time protection.

Parental control

It also includes the parental control option, which is now known as safe kids. If you want to use this feature, you need to click on protection for kids, asking you to install a Kaspersky’s safe kids; you can also use it online and download it for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The Kaspersky safe kids’ mode is $14.99 only per year. But if you get a total security family plan of Kaspersky, you will get all the features in it; you need not pay extra for any features.

You can block or allow 14 categories of websites using the safe kids’ option. If the child opens any websites that are not good, it will warn the parents by sending a notification. It also allows the parents to limit how much time a child can use the device. And if you enable safe kids’ mode in your Android or iOS, this will allow you to check your child’s location.

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