Kaspersky Internet Security ! More than just an antivirus
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Kaspersky Internet Security ! More than just an antivirus

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky was started in 1997 by Eugene Kaspersky and Natalya Kaspersky. It is a cyber-security company situated in Moscow, Russia, and is operated by a holding company in the United Kingdom.

Kaspersky internet security provides complete protection against many types of information security threats, network and phishing attacks, and spam. It protects your browsing, shopping, chat information, and data on your PC, MAC, and Android devices.


  • It provides safe money that helps to encrypt your online payments and transactions.
  • It provides a free VPN (up to 300 MB of daily traffic).
  • It provides webcam protection that will prevent unauthorized access to your webcam.


Features of Kaspersky internet security

Save money

Kaspersky internet security provides a safe money feature that allows users to make safe online payments and transactions. For example, when the user opens a banking site or other sensitive websites, it offers to open it in a safe money-protected browser.

It sets a by default option once you’ve accepted the option, then it will always open the site in the protected browser. It shows a green border around the browser, with a semi-transparent overlay reminds users that a particular protected mode ison in the browser. It also stops screen-scrapping spy programs.


Kaspersky’s internet security stops the uninformed user from that interaction and handles application control internally. It uses data from the application control system flags; each application is considered under the category as Trusted, Low Restricted, High Restricted, or Untrusted.

The Untrusted applications are not allowed to run. But others can run that aren’t in the trusted category, but it gives limited access to the sensitive system areas.

Webcam protection

Kaspersky’s internet security private browsing feature helps the user to block ad agencies, web analytics, and other trackers. These watches and reports are tracking attempts. If you want more of that, you can click on the privacy protection and check the options there to block the data collection. By default, it is set to yes, but you can block them. It also catchphrases from blocking ads when doing so might disable the website.

To see the number of trackers blocked on the current page by Kaspersky, you can click on the toolbar icon in your browser. In addition, it offers spyware protection in the form of a webcam control tool. If you haven’t enabled this setting, it will always warn you whenever an untrusted process attempts to access the webcam without permission.

Optional spam filter

If you use Yahoo or Gmail as a web-based email system, you will not see much spam because the provider filters them. But if the user receives email through the workplace, most of the spam gets filtered out at the mail server. Although the Kaspersky internet security’s spam filtering option is off by default, the user can turn it on by clicking on settings gear, clicking on the protection on the left, and scrolling down to the anti-spam option. Its filter has three modes, Recommended, High, and Low.

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