Explore the new WordPress 5.5 Eckstine
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Explore the new WordPress 5.5 Eckstine

WordPress 5.5, known as ‘Eckstine’ got released in August 2020, and every development company is looking forward to using it. This new version has improvements; a lot of which focuses on the WordPress block editor. To know what this version offers, let’s start with the latest features.

WordPress 5.5 Highlights

Block Patterns and Customization

One of the most significant changes in WordPress 5.5 is the addition of block patterns. New block patterns make it fun and simple to create complex yet beautiful layouts, using combinations of text and media. These are pre-built combinations of blocks that you can use to develop reusable designs.


Improvements in Block Editor experience

Expansion of toolsets, seamless editing and compatibility with third-party blocks are a few of these improvements.


Support Lazy Loaded Images

Lazy loading is when images wait to load until they scroll into view, and it is possible with the new browser’s standards. On mobile, lazy loading can keep browsers from loading files meant for other devices. It helps the readers save money on data — and preserve battery life. It will make WordPress supportive for users with slow internet speed.


Enable XML Sitemaps by Default

In the WordPress 5.5 version, you can enable default XML sitemap on a website which will allow the search engines to discover content quickly. As a result, you get more traffic, and people will find your site sooner, giving you ample time to engage, retain and convert them.


Fix Accessibility Issue

WordPress has continuously been working on improving accessibility. It has brought in a lot of features like resolving the issue with copying the link in model boxes and many more.


Auto-updates for themes and plugins

Using an old version of themes and plugins can make your website less competitive. You will be able to update them by uploading Zip files.



Although every significant WordPress release is exciting, version 5.5 has fixed all the issues in one go. If we look within the Block Editor, we’ll find new patterns, built-in browsing for the Block Directory, image editing, and more. Including automatic plugins and theme updates, lazy loading, and XML sitemap functionality, we have a killer WordPress update. The updates and improvements introduced with this version will enhance website usability, making development more fun and more manageable.


We, at Jva Tec, eagerly leverage WordPress 5.5 for delivering high-performing and feature-rich WordPress websites for our clientele.

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