The All-New Bidding Feature added to Google Local Service Ads (LSA)
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The All-New Bidding Feature added to Google Local Service Ads (LSA)

After getting success with auction-based pricing within the professional services vertical[s], Google now brings auction-based pricing for Local Services advertisers. On October 8, 2020, Google tested the bid mode option for businesses in-home service verticals which allowed participating enterprises to set the maximum amount they are willing to pay for a lead from their Local Services Ads.

With Local Services ads, businesses can advertise themselves on Google and receive leads from potential customers. While bidding was not previously a part of the Local Services ranking factors, companies can now modify the bid amount on their Google Local Service Ad (LSA) leads to get more customers. It is a new alternative to the current fixed price-per-lead option and enables businesses to choose how and how much to spend for their leads. 

Benefits of Google LSA Bidding

LSAs are one of the effective means a business can use to increase leads. One of the significant benefits is that they appear at the very top of search results, above traditional ads and above the Map Pack. They prominently feature reviews and the trust signal of Google Guaranteed or Google Screened.

How to Set Google Bid Amounts for LSA?

Businesses can now opt between:

  1. a) Maximize leads– This lets Google determine the bid amounts to get the most leads.
  2. b) Set max per lead– This set the maximum amount advertisers are willing to pay for a lead, similar to max CPC (cost per click) available in Google Ads.

Will highest bidders get the most visibility and leads?

A bid is not solely to determine the order of the results. When ranking LSAs, Google also considers how often a business answers the phone and the number of positive reviews, to ensure that it connects customers to reliable, trusted companies. Responsiveness, proximity and review ratings are still important factors to increase leads from Local Services, so do not ignore them.

How Will Local Services Bidding Impact Your Campaigns?

Google says that bidding gives guaranteed advertisers more control over their lead volume and cost per lead. It also allows advertisers who wish to pay more for leads, the ability to do so.


Increasing your maximum bid per lead, without a proper strategy can get you charged more money for leads which you may have received anyways. We suggest not to promptly increasing your bids on Local Services ads and first test the new strategy. Jva Tec provides Google Local Services Ad management services for home and other local service businesses across the globe to help generate more leads and sales from Local Services ad campaigns.

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