Google My Business Updates In 2022!
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Google My Business Updates In 2022!

Google My Business is recently updated with the “Google Business Profile.” Undoubtedly, it is the most powerful platform launched by Google for local SEO. Business owners can create their profile and can gain popularity to attract potential customers. However, not only its name but many amazing features and a flexible interface are re-launched.

At the beginning of 2022, rumors were that “after the deletion of Google My Business profile, it will lose all its values.” But, the truth is; that business owner can maintain their listing effectively and efficiently.

People must create their Google Business Profile as soon as possible to gain more visibility. It is one of the most effective parts of digital marketing, which Google Maps has now adopted. Like social media channels, companies can update, respond and create their presence in the local area. One can improve its ranking by:

  • Adding right (NAP) name, address & phone number to their business listing
  • Postings new updates on their products and services
  • Responding to their customer’s reviews

Now that you know about the latest update, how Google My Business become Google Business Profile

What’s the New Google Business Profile 2022?

In November 2021, it was announced that Google is making a big change in Google My Business. It also announced that they had made many changes and many more to come. So let’s see what new updates they were talking about.

  • Got A New Name:

The very first change that Google has make is its name from “Google My Business” to Google Business Profile. It is not surprising for some regular users who are familiar with its changes. Earlier it was also known as Google Local and Google+, and when users use GMB help document, it always begins with “profile.”

New Name: Google My Business has been renamed “Google Business Profile.” This wasn’t surprising to many, since GMB Help documents began using the term “profile” instead of “listing” months ago. Previously, the platform was known as Google+ and Google Local, names that still appear occasionally, indicating it may be a while before “GMB” falls out of use.

Listing Management:

The second change is that the management of listing is done via Google Search and Google Maps. With these two methods, Google has made it flexible and convenient for users to manage their profiles. The only reason for making these big changes is to bring small business to build their presence in the digital world. The two ways to manage to list:

Via Google Search

Step 1- Search your business name on the Google Search Engine.
Step 2- Your business profile banner and the keywords will appear in the search results.
Step 3- After this, you can choose from the tools on the screen like edit profile, customers, and promote.

Via Google Maps

Step 1- Click on the account icon in the top right corner of your Google Map App.
Step 2- Now select “Your business profile” from the banner.
Step 3- If you have various profiles, select the one you want to edit or manage. (This is another essential feature that you can manage multiple business profiles).
Step 4- Now you have complete control of your profile, you can add posts, tags, or manage other attributes.

  • New Dashboard For Business

You may have used former Google My Business dashboards to manage your business listing, but the old dashboard no longer exists for small business. Instead, you must use Google maps or a search engine to manage your small business listing.
With all-new updates and tools, only large companies with multiple stores can access and organize their listing from the application dashboard. Unfortunately, Google has not offered much detail regarding this feature, as you must wait until the next update.

Google My Business App Is No More

As mentioned above, you must optimize or create your business profile with Google Maps. As a result, the Google My Business application vanishes from the play store. The Application helped users a lot to manage their business listing and communication. But now, all that you have is in one inbuilt application, “Google Maps” the hassle of downloading other apps is gone.
So these are some changes that you will see in the new Google Business Profile. However, many other changes are yet to come. Do you want some tips to optimize your Google Business profile listing? Well, don’t wait; just follow Google’s tips…

Review NAP

To optimize your business listing, you should first review the right Name, Address, and Phone number. If you want your listing to rank in top three results, you have to make sure that all the details of your business are correct.

Respond To Your Reviews:

Reviews are counted most important in the search engine. This is because Google likes to collect all the reviews and look after the business that responds to their customers. So from now, when you reply to a review, it will help your business rank higher in the search engine.

Brief Business Description

You must include a brief description of your business. In the old version, Google My Business allowed you to add only 200 Characters to the description, but now you can add up to 2000 characters. It is a good option that will help your customers understand your business in a better way.

Upload More Business Pictures:

It is always recommended to upload more images of your business. It will help you to show and describe your business location. We all know that pictures are a better way to convey any message, and that’s why Google wants your business to have a good profile image.

Congratulations! You Have A Google Business Profile!

So now, when you create your Google Business Profile in 2022, it will be an effective way to generate leads for your business, now you can focus on working on your business and enhancing your brand.

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