Kaspersky Security Cloud | All security apps at your fingertips
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Kaspersky Security Cloud | All security apps at your fingertips

Kaspersky provides cyber-security to the user’s system. In addition, it provides anti-virus software with complete protection to the user’s system. It is situated in Moscow, Russia, and was founded in 1997.

Kaspersky security cloud offers many benefits; it is easy to use, simple, intuitive and has simple placement. It helps to monitor home Wi-Fi, checks users’ online accounts that no data leaks are happening, and keeps their data safe.In addition, it provides many other features such as mobile security and security for all the devices such as Windows, MAC, iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft.


  • The Kaspersky security cloud checks your online accounts for data leaks.
  • It also monitors your home Wi-Fi for intruders.
  • It also learns when HDD problems put your files at risk.

Features of Kaspersky security cloud

Easy to use

The Kaspersky security cloud is easy to use. The cloud-based console manages its security. The user can use this at any time and from anywhere, and this doesn’t require the administrator’s device in the exact location. When a user logs in into the cloud-based console and a getting started page is opened, that provides a simple process to protect company devices.

Security for all devices

It provides security for all devices running Microsoft, Windows, Apple macOS, Goggle Android, and Apple iOS; this allows users to maintain a single security profile instead of four, assigning the profile to a user or group of users and keeps the security for user consistent.

Simple positioning

The Kaspersky Endpoint security cloud is managed through a browser. To start this process, you can follow these steps:

  • First, open the Kaspersky endpoint security cloud and enter your email address.
  • Send an email regarding instructions for installing a security application on the user’s device. This message will include the link for downloading applications.
  • Make sure that the user installs the application on their device.
  • Match the devices which are available in the devices section in the Kaspersky security cloud.

Endpoint protection

Kaspersky endpoint security includes file threat protection, mail threat protection, and web threat protection, including technologies protecting against viruses, phishing, and other threats. In addition, the firewall manages activities and blocks dangerous connections, for example, remote desktop connections.

Ransomware protection

The protection for windows protects from ransomware for the workstations that are using Windows operating system. It also protects the file serversfrom ransomware that is executing on Windows. It has the following components: Behaviour Detection, Exploit Prevention, and Remediation Engine; it monitors all the activities of applications and blocks malicious actions.

Mobile device protection

Nowadays, mobile devices also need excellent protection as computers. Therefore, Kaspersky endpoint security cloud offers the following securities for mobile:

  • It guards the mobile device against unauthorized excess and provides password protection.
  • It provides Anti-Theft protection for both iOS and Android devices. In addition, it protects the devices from illegal access. And if your device gets lost or stolen, then you can lock your device remotely or delete all the data remotely.
  • It provides mobile devices with protection against infections in real-time.
  • It allows the user to control features and the web to be used for corporate use, not for personal work.

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