Your passwords and documents are always at hand | Kaspersky Password Manager
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Your passwords and documents are always at hand | Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky total security comes with many securities such as password management, safe kids, internet protection, VPN, and many more. Kaspersky is a cyber-security company which is located in Moscow, Russia, and was founded in 1997.

Kaspersky password manager comes with password protection. It keeps all the passwords safe in one place and encrypted form. So the person doesn’t need to remember all the passwords; they need to remember one password where all the passwords are stored and kept safe. These passwords are stored in a private vault, and one can access this from any device in just one click.

Key points

  • Kaspersky’s password management is very convenient and organizes data to use with one click easily.
  • The password manager is secure to use as it creates unique passwords for users’ accounts and saves them in encrypted form in a private vault, secured with another password by the user, and can monitor the password security in real-time.
  • The password manager is efficient; it saves the user’s burden of remembering all the passwords. This auto-fills all the logins and auto-completes online forms.

Features of Kaspersky password manager


The Kaspersky password manager provides a person with a private vault with excellent protection. The user need not carry all the documents with him and need not remember all the passwords. The password manager does it, it keeps the documents safe, and one can access these documents from anywhere and at any time without any burden. Furthermore, the user can get access to all his important documents with one click only.


The password manager provides the users with password management that remembers all the passwords and keeps them safe in one place; if the user wants to set a single password for all the accounts, this will help the user create strong passwords and store them.


The password manager fills in all the details when the user needs it and auto-fills all the forms. So if you are fed-up with filling all the online forms and login fields, you can use this password manager; this will keep all your details safe and auto-fill these whenever needed.


Using Kaspersky password manager, one can sync to multiple devices if you are thinking of managing your documents and things you don’t need to worry about because this will sync all your information across all the devices and be easily accessed from anywhere at any time.

Payment details

The Kaspersky password manager keeps all your credit details safe, and you can check it out in one click. It also shows alerts if the site you are using is not trustworthy.


Kaspersky password manager also keeps your addresses in the private vault safe and secure. In addition, it will enhance your online shopping by inputting your details of delivery automatically when needed.


The Kaspersky password manager makes it easy for users to manage and find helpful information quickly. It keeps your data organized so that when you need it, you can access it easily. In addition, you can locate all the documents using AI technology on your device and add them to a private vault in one tap.

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