Quick and Easy Marketing Tips to Start the Year with a Bang
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Quick and Easy Marketing Tips to Start the Year with a Bang

Let’s admit — 2020 was a challenging year, but it had a silver lining. People are going online than ever before which has accelerated the e-commerce industry. Investing time to understand your marketing insights and planning innovation in the techniques to step ahead in 2021 will give you a positive start to hit the ground running for the year.

5 Best New Year Marketing Ideas to Kick-Start Your 2021

It is time to give your online marketing campaign a refreshing twist. As New Year has already started, now is an excellent time to assess your marketing practices and what area you want to accomplish in 2021. To help crush your New Year marketing strategies, we have got some tips and tricks for you.

Revamp your content strategy

Quality content has a notable impact on SEO. It’s essential to look at the content you created last year to help shape your upcoming editorial. Make a list of the top-performing pieces of content and brainstorm more ideas to understand what made it successful and well designed? Did you target a very receptive audience?

Allowing yourself to see what you did well and where you can improve your content is essential. On the flip side, take time to see which content didn’t perform well and why.

Don’t be afraid to revisit your content. Once you’ve written a piece of information, it gets stale quickly. Revisit your content and update when and where possible, and share again. You can use this opportunity to tweak the specific audience or headline or get a higher response rate.

Welcome the New Year on Social Media

Social media marketing is one thing you cannot miss out. You want to get your brand noticed all over social media, and it is a great time to get the conversation started. You can build a new image for your brand in 2021 and get your customers excited about it. Use this platform for marketing and promoting new products or services that you may be launching.

Take a look at the analytics from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to understand with what content your followers interact the most. Make a plan around more of that content and brainstorm ways to improve the one that didn’t work well.

Batch Customers and Send Emails

Keep track of all the customers who reached out to you. You might want to send out an email campaign to let the potential customers know about a specific service you’re offering on discount. You can also organize a giveaway contest for a few selected loyal customers.

Or you may also send out email campaigns designed to educate customers on the importance of inspections, routine maintenance, or something else you can help. Personalize each of the emails by adding dynamic content specific to each recipient. This way, you get to stand out and create authentic interactions with your audience. It can help increase your brand loyalty.

Reach out and make email campaigns a part of your 2021 marketing strategy, and give customers a reason to come to you.

Make your Website Responsive

Make your website’s look and functionality the same on all platforms, be it desktop or mobile. Given the concept of responsive design as relatively new, it can go a long way to bring in new leads and visitors. And so our Content Optimization System helps you with a built-in responsive design for your website.

Run an Online ad campaign

If you haven’t tested advertising and campaigning, now is a great time to do so. Think about a specific marketing goal you’d like to accomplish – be it increasing website visitors, growing your audience on social media, or collecting leads; this is possible through ad campaigns. If you have some special discounts or promotions, you can use them in your ad copy to entice new customers.

Plan your Marketing Goals, but Be Flexible

If you are a business owner, a freelancer, or an agency consultant, it is essential to have goals for the year. Take out some time at the start to ensure you have goals and vision of where you want to reach and how to get there. At the same, also allow for some flexibility. Planning and strategy is one part of business success. We also have to be flexible and ready to whirl at a moment’s notice.

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