Kaspersky Safe Kids
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Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky is a cyber-security company that provides its customers with anti-virus with several safeties. The Kaspersky was first introduced in the year 1997 and is located in Moscow, Russia. It has many safety modes such as safe kids, VPN, internet security, and many more.

The kids’ safe mode in Kaspersky application offers the parents to protect their children online and outside. Kids safe mode is used to keeping an eye on your children’s browsing and also helps to defend them from visiting adult websites. For starting kids safe mode, one needs to install an application for that.

Key points

  • The Kaspersky kids safe mode helps to manage your child’s screen.
  • It helps to have a watch on your kid’s location.
  • It also helps parents to block bad YouTube search requests.

Features of Kaspersky safe kids

Keeps kids safe online

The Kaspersky safe kids help to keep your child safe online. Parents can block access to adult websites and vulgar content. In addition, parents can block harmful YouTube search requests and search on topics like drugs, alcohol, etc.

Parents can get access to their child’s games and inappropriate apps. Also helps to manage the screen time of the device. It also shares expert advice and tips from child psychologists on online topics.

Protects kids from the real world

The Kaspersky kids safe app uses a GPS tracker so that parents can locate their locations on a real-time map to keep an eye on their children. It also helps parents know if their child is in a safe area or not, and if the child steps beyond it, it will instantly alert parents.

This kid’s safe mode also helps the parents know their child’s phone battery percentage; if the child’s phone battery is about to drain, it will alert parents so that they can warn their child to the plug-in charger.

How to get the Kaspersky kids safe app?

  • Kaspersky has an application of kids safe for both parent and child. These apps can be connected with the My Kaspersky account so that parents can get every essential alert.
  • Kids safe app can work on PC, Mac and Android, and iOS devices.
  • The app that is installed on the child’s device helps parents to control their child’s activities.
  • The app on the parent’s device will help them see the alerts and reports, and this will also help them customize settings.
  • The kids’ safe app allows parents to check their child’s app settings, and also they can check reports using My Kaspersky account.

Types of licenses

Kaspersky safe kids have three types of licensing modes, these are:

Free version

Kaspersky safe kids version offers a free version. But this free version includes basic functionality; if you want to get more, you can switch to the premium version.

Trial version

The trial version is valid for seven days only; this offers the same features as the premium version.

Premium version

The premium version offers all the benefits included in the application. In addition, it has limited time access and can be gained by paying the premium amount.

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